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Let's see how long this lasts.
Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 am by Misuke
Hey all!

Been a while since I bothered posting here, since there was absolutely nothing I could do to revive the game from the state in which it was left. That has since changed, and I now have access to the means to better the game, and bring it to the state in which it was originally meant to be played.

I do hope regulars and newbies alike welcome the changes I plan to bring, and continue to …

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Ikou Era Apology
Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:59 am by AllSmiles
Hello, faithful Ikou Era players. I am sorry for being so inactive to the production of Ikou Era, me slowing down with updates had affected all of us. I doubt, I can make it up for your patience and your unbreakable loyalty to someone that had been made by my brain. Ikou Era is my first original project and it is one of the most proudest work I had done, this project was the result of my …

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Anonymous Samurai

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PostSubject: Suggestions    Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:56 am

I base a game off of my boredom and how a game could cure it. Not on the quality or the graphics or how well thought out it was. Basically just how fun it is. Because that's what games were made for right? In Ikou era the main fun thing to do there is spar. So then all these suggestions started rushing into my head and i decided to post them on here.

Quests- There should be quests that could be given out by NPCs or your RP Sensei or anyone really. You give out a quest to a player ICly and have them complete it. One quest could be having to get this chest full of... (nothing but you could put something in there) and when you retrieve it and bring it back to the person who granted you the quest you both get a certain amount of XP for your the new combat skill. Example: (Questing: 1 (0%)) And the higher the mastery the harder quests you get. (in the questing there should be thief or samurai or ninja NPCs that will attack you) If you get KOd you start all over and return to the square in Edo.

Transportation- Do you hate it when you get lost in Edo? You're either saying "I don't get lost in Edo" Or your a noob and get lost sometimes. Or maybe your just too lazy to walk around! Well...im both. I constantly get lost in edo. Back then their used to be carriages carried by humans. Well humans would pull other humans on it. It's kind of hard to explain but if your familiar with Japans culture you should know what I'm talking about. These people should be scattered across edo and will cost 10 Yen to be transported to another part of edo. Let's say im lost in the square of Edo. I need to find the mine to go get some coal for smithing so i confront the transportation NPC and the screen goes black. You then appear next to the Elder Miner i guess and you should know to go south.

That's pretty much it but if i think of anymore suggestions il be sure to post some more.
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