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Let's see how long this lasts.
Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 am by Misuke
Hey all!

Been a while since I bothered posting here, since there was absolutely nothing I could do to revive the game from the state in which it was left. That has since changed, and I now have access to the means to better the game, and bring it to the state in which it was originally meant to be played.

I do hope regulars and newbies alike welcome the changes I plan to bring, and continue to …

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Ikou Era Apology
Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:59 am by AllSmiles
Hello, faithful Ikou Era players. I am sorry for being so inactive to the production of Ikou Era, me slowing down with updates had affected all of us. I doubt, I can make it up for your patience and your unbreakable loyalty to someone that had been made by my brain. Ikou Era is my first original project and it is one of the most proudest work I had done, this project was the result of my …

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 Skill's Much?

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PostSubject: Skill's Much?   Sun May 30, 2010 5:30 am

Very Happy Aight everyone I know you had it in your mind so Im straight up going to say it for everyone, we NEED some skills Razz Although your build may determine a battle, Skills would help far more~ Now With skill's a certain fighting style should be employed right?
SO! ive come up with a few fighting styles i liked and think should be thrown in Razz
such as:
Bando: (Burma) A general term meaning "way of discipline" or "system of defense" referring to those styles of unarmed and armed self-defense developed in Burma that employ striking, kicking, grappling and locking techniques, throws, plus weapon techniques introduced into the US by Dr. Maung Gi, a college professor in 1960 (Head of the American Bando Association). Bando is often called Burmese karate.

Aikido: (Japan) A system of self-defense (See Do, Budo) developed in the 1920s by Morihei Usehiba from techniques of Daito-ryu aiki jujitsu and other influences that stresses the harmonizing of the body with offensive actions and energies in order to neutralize aggression.

Atemi: (Japan) A general and inclusive term referring to the arts (or various arts) of striking anatomical weak points. Atemi in some form was prevalent in virtually all Japanese close range combat disciplines such as that of the sword (kenjitsu) as well as in later unarmed systems such as jujitsu and judo.

Bojitsu: (Japan/Okinawa) Meaning "art of the staff." A collective term referring to martial systems employing a bo, or long staff (over five feet in length), that developed in Japan, Okinawa, China and elsewhere. The use of the bo dates back to times of legend and is as old as man himself. In Japan hard wood was plentiful and even the poorest individual could easily arm himself. A whole arsenal of poles, staffs, spiked staffs, and long iron clubs were developed. The bo was sometimes tipped in iron and sometimes totally covered by iron. In modern times its practice is an inherent part of many styles of karate and aikido.

And Also For those with more a Taste in the Mugen kind of Fighting styles we could employ something to the effect of these:

Capoeira: (Brazil) A beautiful and dramatic Brazilian martial discipline founded by African slaves more than 300 years ago in Angola and practiced as a religious dance before being brought to Brazil where it was transformed into a self-defense system. The system uses gymnastic type back flips, cart wheels, sweeping movements and high kicks for evasion rather than blocks to avoid attack. Many counter kicks are done from a hand stand-position, and most offensive techniques employ the feet.

Chin na: (China) The Chinese art of seizing and locking that uses striking and seizing of acupuncture points, grasping of tendons and blood vessels and the locking of joints, techniques widely incorporated into Chinese fighting arts. Included also is a mix of throwing, takedowns, kicking, punching and joint manipulations that parallel techniques in judo, jujitsu and karate. Techniques are also associated with dim mak.

Ch'uan Shu: (China) Fist art. A general term referring to various Chinese martial disciplines practicing empty hand (without weapons) fighting techniques. Similar terms include: Kung Fu, Wushu, Gwo Chi, Gwo Sho and Chung Ku Ch'uan.

Hakuda: (Japan/Okinawa) In Japanese the term is used to refer to Chinese Ch'uan Fa systems (Kempo in Japanese), meaning to "beat by hand." Another term with the same meaning is Shuhaku. In Okinawa the term hakuda was used more specifically to refer to the art of striking the vital points (atemi) of another person in self-defense without making the self impure. Hakuda in this context means "white strike," or "striking without impurity," which is an ancient Buddhist poetic description of the art. "Haku" means white (the color symbolizing purity) and "da" means to strike or hit. Hakuda is often combined with grabbing techniques (hakushu) found within many Japanese, Okinawan kata and Korean hyung.

Each one of these can be given by a dojo master who thinks the style best suits you, and each one would have 2-4 skills that would fit it's description along with a stance~
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PostSubject: Re: Skill's Much?   Sun May 30, 2010 5:33 am

Ok I think I haven't cover this with the playerbase but we aren't going to be adding skills. Instead we are going to have Styles. Styles with be like covered by 3-6 main stats.
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Skill's Much?
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