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Let's see how long this lasts.
Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:29 am by Misuke
Hey all!

Been a while since I bothered posting here, since there was absolutely nothing I could do to revive the game from the state in which it was left. That has since changed, and I now have access to the means to better the game, and bring it to the state in which it was originally meant to be played.

I do hope regulars and newbies alike welcome the changes I plan to bring, and continue to …

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Ikou Era Apology
Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:59 am by AllSmiles
Hello, faithful Ikou Era players. I am sorry for being so inactive to the production of Ikou Era, me slowing down with updates had affected all of us. I doubt, I can make it up for your patience and your unbreakable loyalty to someone that had been made by my brain. Ikou Era is my first original project and it is one of the most proudest work I had done, this project was the result of my …

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 A few ideas

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PostSubject: A few ideas   Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:15 pm

Different weather- adds atmosphere to rp.
Steal- Basically, when someone is KO'd, you can go up, right click, it shows items and you can steal. This will allow bandits to rob without killing.

Add in armor for samurai, demon masks, etc etc. Bows and arrows from wood.

Horses or carriages? Like, the shogun can move around all royal-esque in his badass carriage. Bandits ride around on ponies.

Mountain temple and monks- Monks spawn with monk robe and one dot on forehead, can't have yen. The temple would be north of edo, snow, buddha statues?
(Look up 'tigers nest' on google images, great real temple.)

Ninja/farmers- A few blank maps for people to make farms. They can use farmer tools to work the land, grow food, but there will be floods, rotten crops as a problem. With these farmer tools, comes ninja weapons.

Boating- Fishermen with boats can go to deep water and try to fish for sharks and other awesome amphibians. Nets for sardines and small fish, harpoons for sharks and squids? Dolphins?

Sake/Poison- If a master fisherman catches a pufferfish, and a master knife user (style), uses a knife on it, they can make poison. They can add poison to food and drink. Sake just messes the screen up.

Tailor- Can make clothes. They can make nicer clothes as they level up.
Carpenter- Can build houses, wooden items, etc with logs.
Farmer (Animals)- Can breed animals, tame animals, etc. Breeding animals produces higher quality, so if they keep breeding good animals,they get awesome animals, etc.
Farmer (livestock)- Can work the land, grow crops, vegetables.
Bandit- Low style mods but they start with a knife.

Ninja Head-
They get a level 5 style and 'concealing' clothes that blank out their name.
They can make ninja, which gives other the option to make 'ninja' style (Farm tools instead of the normal options) and concealing clothes.

Can make daimyo based on number of towns. Daimyo get money and 'make samurai' verb. Shogun also get money and their own palace.
Daimyo get a mansion in their assigned town.

Samurai- Get seppuku verb.

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Bandit Lord
Bandit Lord

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PostSubject: Re: A few ideas   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:36 pm

G'day fair patron of Ikou Era,
'Tis I, Misuke, Lord of the lands, and ravager of wives!

Well, for future reference, don't make such long posts when suggesting things, it's a tad overwhelming for those of us who have to reply to you.

What's funny about the majority of the things you said is that they were either problematic, or are being worked in already.

Carriages and armor just need to be iconned, The armor is partially done, and just needs to have the finishing touches.

Bows and arrows ARE in the game, in addition to quivers, they simply are no-longer available to the general public. This is due to the fact that arrows need to be redone, they used to offer a one hit k.o. when they made contact with any individual. This is the reason that daggers can no-longer be thrown aswell.

Mountain temple with snow? The icons are in, the map parts are in, but as you've already seen our map is still in disarray and we require repairs before we expand.

Farmers ARE in, it's their abilities that have yet to be worked into the system. Ad for ninja, they can be rped, it's unnecessary to add it as a class.

Boating WAS going to be added, in order for merchants traveling between a certain island, and the mainland. Thus allowing for the class "pirate" to arise. The problem we saw with this is that it's be something that would sidetrack us from whatever it is that we needed to do.

Poison is out of the question at the moment. I won't go into any details, but we've something larger at work for such things.

Tailors, farmers, and bandits ARE in game. The majority of them are just useless at present. As for stealing to make it so bandits don't have to kill, just rp taking something and force them to trade it to you. The "Pickpocket" verb is a thing of the past. Back in CIE, pickpockets ran rampant, and everyone seemed to steal from one another all the time, especially newbies. Rping theft seems far better.

As for carpentry, It'll be tied into "construction". Eventually we intend to make it so an individual can build their own abode in pre-designated locations. In addition to this, furnishings such as anvils, furnaces, cooking pits, and table will be created by these talented individuals.

Finally, Shogun. The shogun gets a verb which allows them to tax npc merchants, in addition to the ability to make people part of their Personal "Elite" guard unit. There is no reason to specify that they are "samurai" per-se due to the fact that guards don't HAVE to wield katana, where as Samurai do. If a guard wishes to be a Samurai, then let them but I'm not about to limit them.

the entire staff thanks you for your input, and hopes that this will not discourage you from suggesting more.
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PostSubject: Re: A few ideas   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:25 pm

But Samurai weren't swordsman, they were just the military nobility.... Samurai used bows, naginata, basically everything.
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PostSubject: Re: A few ideas   

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A few ideas
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